LabUp! is here to help people around the world in establishing nonprofit Open Device Labs which helps others access a large number of devices for testing, leading to an ultimate improvement of the web & app experience both for developers and consumers.

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LabUp! helps you get your ODL up & running in hopefully much less of your precious free time, with less or no budget. For free. Find out how

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You are welcome to just open an ODL - that´s what we´re after. As we want you to succeed we organized some help

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ODLs help developers around the globe to optimize content on YOUR devices. Please contribute and help our mission


The purpose of LabUp! is to help your nonprofit ODL get off the ground and to continuously support it. Participating in LabUp! is free of cost. The only requirement is that your ODL must provide a free service to the developer community. No-brainer, right?

These are our goals:

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There are a number of great resources on the web that should help you get started. We are sharing our findings here - if you find something that is missing, please let us know so we can add it to the list!

Forgot something? Please let us know.


There is a pool of free to use media such as text copy, imagery, logos and video on the topic of Open Device Labs available at:

All materials in this pool are convened and contributed by LabUp! and Open Device Labs all across the globe, and are published under a Creative Commons license. Everybody is invited to use this media to help promote the Open Device Lab idea.

ODL Subdomains

Some ODL managers offer subdomains, redirects or even additional hosting services based upon their nice umbrella domains, to matching ODLs. We have pulled together this list - if you find something to be missing or outdated, please let us know so we can keep up accurate data.

Something missing or wrong? Please let us know.

You want to help us help others help you?

Open Device Labs help developers around the globe to optimize content for consumption on YOUR devices, effectively optimizing the experience for YOUR customers! With thousands of mobile devices out on the markets it is impossible for developers to purchase all of the devices they need. Open Device Labs are going to play an important role in the future.

You want to help us help others help you? Great. It´s not only about seeding free devices - it´s also about easing your work in having a central point of contact instead of dealing with a growing number of device labs around the world.

We´re also looking for sponsors of WiFi-Equipment, Device-Stands, Accessories (e.g. replacement batteries) and Telcos (e.g. SIMs with data plan).

Please contact us at: sponsor (at) lab-up (dot) org

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"If device manufacturers want people to develop applications and websites that work on their devices, then it's in their best interests to get those devices in developers hands. The best and easiest way to get the devices in their hands is through a community lab."
Shaun Dunne, London Device Lab


We founded LabUp! because we want to help improve the web.

Anybody is welcome to contribute and help us help others.
Contact us at: hello (at) lab-up (dot) org
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LabUp! is maintained by Andre Jay Meissner.

We want to thank these people for their help and contribution:
Anselm Hannemann, Christian "Schepp" Schaefer, Bruce Bowman, Timm Jansen and Viljami Salminen

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